These Darn Winters!

May 10, 2020
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The temperature outside last night was near freezing, I’m hoping the crops made it through the night without any frost damage. Judging from the delicate tomato plants we just put out, I think we might have made it.

These little cold snaps in Spring are called “little winters.” I think this may be Blackberry Winter. If so, I think this is the last one for a while.

If you are outside often enough over time, you’ll notice there are usually four or five of these singularities in weather patterns that last a day or two. They were named for the most common bloom at the time, except for “Britches Winter.” That particular cold spell refers to the need to have kept your homespun linen wool long underwear (linsey-woolsey britches) handy.

There is a 6th little winter Dad used to call a phantom winter that some folks call Whippoorwill Winter. He called it “phantom” because it’s not usually as cold or damaging as the rest.

Here are the five little winters and when they occur in Kentucky:

  1. Redbud Winter: early April
  2. Dogwood Winter: late April
  3. Locust Winter: early May
  4. Blackberry Winter: mid May
  5. Britches Winter: late May

Poor pitiful plants

A Gallery

Hilary Kole – Blackberry Winter


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