New Civil Rights Movement

May 22, 2020
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Time and time again in our history, we have taken to the streets in protest of violation of our civil rights.  Think back of all the people throughout history who have stood up for what is right and in particular our rights as an American citizens.  We are guaranteed certain rights under the constitution which are quickly being snatched out from under us.  Did Martin Luther King Jr. and all the other civil rights leaders push for freedom in order for our nation to come to what it has today?  I think not.

Just a few months ago our country and the world were faced with a seemingly unsurmountable invisible enemy.  It quickly threw the world into a panic, running scared like little children.  What a perfect time for the Government to intervene and start stripping away our rights in the name of what is good for all.  Everyone seems to want one thing : “For Mom and Dad to chase the big bad monster away.”  If it means we must submit to a tyrannical government, then so be it.  After all, our governors know best right?  If they decide that we should lose everything that we have worked so hard for, so that the elderly and terminally ill patients won’t contract the virus, then I suppose it is for the good.  We’ll take one for the team.

Well, I think I am not alone in saying that we’ve had enough of this.  We took one for the team, now let’s get back to business before we lose what little freedom we have left.  The New Civil Rights Movement is a move against an oppressive state and local government that is restricting our freedoms and forcing us to do things without any laws being passed to enforce the whims of the Demoncratic governors.  We are being told that we have to stay home and wear masks and keep six feet apart and not attend our loved one’s funerals or be with our loved ones in the hospital when they are facing life threatening operations.  We can’t go to church or lodge meetings.  This is what happens in communist countries, folks. 

What happens if you DARE to go against the wishes of the governor?  In Oregon, a hair dresser named Lindsey Graham made the decision that she had to feed her family, so she stayed open.  She is being fined thousands of dollars and that’s not all.  The state has come at her with every single tool in their arsenal.  They even brought in Child Protective Services to investigate the home life of her children.  Why?  Because “How dare she go against the wishes of the governor!”  A 72-year-old barber in Michigan made the decision to keep working and was fined and then lost his license.

This is what happens in communist countries

There are now lawsuits in 7 states over churches rights to assemble.  In Kansas City, MO, the mayor in part of her reopening strategy, ordered that churches record the names of people attending services.  This was to “help with contact tracing” in case someone contracted the virus at a meeting.  Oh, so now we just give the government names of people who are professing Jesus Christ as their personal Savior?  Isn’t that a nice twist?  Well, after getting a ton of negative feedback, the governor has now made that mandate “Optional”.  A Pastor in Virginia was given a criminal summons for having sixteen people at a Palm Sunday service.  He was six people over the limit of ten. Naughty preacher.  Is it kinda odd that these states where outrageous stuff like this is happening is governed by Democrat governors?  I think so.

When a governor keeps law abiding citizens from attending their choice of worship services and lets the abortion clinics stay open, I think there is an issue here.  I further think there is an issue with letting over 300 prisoners loose on the street and then arresting a mom for taking her children to a park.  “Oh, Tracy, you’re just being a conspiracy theorist!”  I’ve heard that till I’m sick of it.  When people begin to wake up and see what’s going on around them and sound off about it, we are labeled a “conspiracy theorist”.  It’s almost as bad as when Trump supporters were called “racist”.  When liquor stores are deemed “essential” but your business isn’t, there’s something deeper going on here.

Let’s look at Facebook.  Try to post something on there that is different from what the governors have on their agenda and see how long it takes before that post is taken down.  We, as citizens of the US have a right to peaceful protest.  When groups recently tried to organize a protest against their government for these oppressions by posting on Facebook, they were taken down.  Facebook said they did it because the governors had ordered them to.  If that isn’t censorship at work, I don’t know what is. If it’s not conforming to the government agenda, it’s classified as “disinformation”


We can’t get any news on mainstream media anymore that isn’t propaganda.  All the major networks are controlled by the government and push their agenda.  You have CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and NPR that are anti-Trump and pro-communist and then you have FOX which is pro-Trump.  No in between.  The days of Walter Cronkite are over.  We’ve quickly become a two-color nation.  Either blue or red, no in between.  Reporting situations as they actually are has become a thing of the past.  I had posted something to this effect in a forum recently and was blasted up one side and down the other.  “News reporting has been biased for centuries!”  “Any news report has to be supportive of one side or the other!”  I was told.  No!  I beg to differ.  A report can be given without injecting a reporter or agency’s opinion in it.  Lay out the facts and stick to the facts.  It’s that simple!

Walter Cronkite
That’s the way it is.

I have turned to Blaze TV for my news now.  With Big Tech’s ever-changing policies and proclivity for censoring, shadow-banning, and deplatforming dissenting voices, Blaze TV has emerged as a refuge for people who champion foundational American values and common sense.  They have a very talented lineup of the best voices in today’s fractured media landscape, including Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Steven Crowder, Phil Robertson and Dave Rubin.  I invite you to check them out.

The term “non-essential” is now the magic phrase used to cancel constitutional rights.  Who is determining what is “essential”?  Essential is earning a living.  Essential is not depending on the government to hand out my food money.

We are all in the trenches of the new civil rights movement.  A movement to regain our freedom.  It will come.  It has to.  Three things are needed for this new movement to take momentum. 

  1. A growing sense that people are being trampled on
  2. Find a leader to package the movement
  3. A definitive plan and an end-goal

It is time to take a firm but tactful stand on these issues.  Too many have sacrificed too much for us to just let it fall apart.

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