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Welcome to the area just up the creek!

Tracy Dan welcomes you!

These pages contain the reflections and work of Tracy Dan Turner, an old mountain man who tends to be very opinionated on certain subjects.

This world is changing rapidly and for people like Tracy Dan, it’s difficult to sit idly by and watch liberals tear down what was once such a beautiful and patriotic country.

You may or may not agree with all his reflections, but you have to give him credit for taking a stand. These posts aren’t meant to be a means to start arguments. If you disagree, say so and explain why in language that’s non-offensive.

Have a look around! We know you’re going to find something interesting!

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About Me

About Me


Hi! Welcome to the thoughts and reflections of an old man "just up the creek". I'm referring of course to "Catrons Creek", the valley I've made my home for the last 40 years. Look around and browse through my posts and stories. I'm sure you'll find something that interests you. If you have an opinion on any of my posts, drop a comment, or contact me through the contact page. All opinions are my own and are not prompted or encouraged by any religious or fraternal organization.


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