tracydanGetting the right voice for your project, whether it be a commercial for television or radio, a narrative for a corporate video, or an audio book, can be consuming both for your time and money. There are literally thousands of voices to choose from. Some charge hundreds, and some only a few dollars. With technology advancing, for only a few dollars, anyone can purchase an inexpensive microphone and couple it to their computer and call it a “home studio”. From these quickly built studios, they set up shop and compete for the almighty dollar with their voiceovers.

A quick search on Google for “voiceover” will yield thousands of sites. So, how do you choose? There is no single answer.

I’ve been involved in the broadcast industry for over a quarter of a century, and the best advice I could give would be to audition, don’t go over your budget and choose someone who will work with you without “nickling and diming” you for all kinds of extra charges.
A few years ago, I came across the website and decided to post a “voice talent” gig. I’m glad I did. In the short time I have been with Fiverr, I have made hundreds of new friends and customers. I’m not going to charge you more on this website for my services than you would pay on The prices are the same. You can click on my fiverr gig on the right side of this page and be taken to that gig, or you can go to my services page (where you will find the same rates that I have on fiverr) and place your order. Either way, you’ll get my best effort on your project and be treated equally fair.
I have posted some samples of my work here on this site for you to listen to. If you’re needing something that’s a bit different, please don’t hesitate to ask. I’m very flexible and guarantee all my work. We don’t call it a “done deal” until you’re satisfied.
If you want me to audition a few lines for you, just ask. If my voice isn’t spot on for your project, you won’t hurt my feelings one bit if you graciously decline my services. But I’m confident that you’ll join my several other satisfied customers. You’ve nothing to loose.

Here’s my Business Card, scan it with a QR scanner and save to your desktop.

Tracy Dan

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